Foster's Supersecret NSA Binders

Deborah Gorham also revealed that Foster had given her two National Security Agency one-inch ring binders to put in the safe that was kept in Nussbaum's office. She said one was white, but she did not recall the color of the other. The NSA is a supersecret agency that has the capability of intercepting communications around the globe. Its materials carry cosmic classifications and must be kept in special high security areas and safes. This startling and puzzling revelation was made when Gorham was deposed by Senate committee investigators, but no one even mentioned it during the hearings.

Our intelligence sources say they cannot conceive of any reason why Vince Foster would have a security clearance authorizing him to hold NSA binders, and Nussbaum's safe would not qualify as a sufficiently secure repository for such material. That is shown by the fact that Patsy Thomasson, who bad no security clearance at all, was able to get into the counsel's suite and rummage through Foster's papers on the night he died.

Gorham said that although she opened the safe to put in material for Nussbaum after Foster's death, she did not notice whether or not the NSA binders were still there. Why they were there or what became of them remains a mystery that should be cleared up. Rumors were already circulating that Foster was a CIA agent on the one hand and that that he was selling U.S. secrets to foreign countries on the other. His possession of NSA material will fuel such stories. If the committee does not deal with this matter openly, such rumors are bound to flourish. Reporters were able to get Gorham's deposition, but the only one to mention the NSA binders was Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Sunday Telegraph.

Accuracy in Media, AIM Report, August 1995