Photographs of Fort Marcy Park
McLean, Virginia

Views of the fort area.

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This is a view looking west as you enter the fort area, to the right is Chain Bridge Road and to the left is the southern berm.  Mr. Foster's body was found in the distance up the hill and behind the trees in the northwest corner of the fort.    At this time there are two cannons at the park.

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Left of the clearing entering the park the first of two cannons is visible on the southern berm.  The body site was located to the right, up the hill, about 150 feet from the second tree in the center of the photo.

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Photo taken at 6:50 p.m. on July 20, 1998 shows the northwest corner of the fort where the second cannon faces the west.  Mr. Foster's body was found over the berm directly in front of the cannon.  Dale, the witness who "officially" found Foster's body claims to have walked up to this area to relieve himself.

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Mr. Foster's body was found directly in front of the cannon and down the berm.  This photograph was taken at 6:35 p.m. on July 20, 1998.  It was at this time on July 20, 1993 that Sergeant Robert Edwards was alone with Foster's body and the crime scene changed, crime scene photographs vanished, and a revolver without Foster's fingerprints appeared in Foster's hand.

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This photo was taken  on July 20, 1998 at 7:30 pm.   At about the same time on July 20, 1993 Dr. Donald Haut arrived and observed the wound in Mr. Foster's neck.  Notice the sun is starting to set behind the trees.

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This photo shows the area in front of the cannon looking down the steep berm.  The bottle in this photo is in the area where the body was found.  Mr. Foster's head was toward the cannon and his body was perfectly straight, with his arms at his sides and his feet were down the hill.  Paramedic Richard Arthur was "100% certain" that he saw a ".45 caliber automatic pistol" in Foster's hand.

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This photo was taken at 6:20 p.m. on July 20, 1998 from half-way down  the berm looking up toward the cannon.   Foster's feet were in the area where this pencil is shown casting a shadow as the sun peeks through the canopy of the trees.  At this time on July 20, 1993 paramedic Richard Arthur saw the small caliber bullet hole in Foster's neck that did not match the large caliber automatic pistol that he saw in Foster's hand.   Rescue workers thought Foster had been murdered.  Rescue workers told Park Police Officer Kevin Fornshill about the gun.  Officer Fornshill remained at the body site for about 10 minutes with an unobstructed view but maintains he never saw a gun.

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This is one of the few surviving crime scene photographs taken by the United States Park Police on July 20, 1993 at Fort Marcy Park.

The excerpt below is from page 358 of Failure of the Public Trust.

"The OIC claims that blood was visible to the naked eye on both sides of both lenses of the eyeglasses found at the scene, apparently claiming that it had emanated from the contact entrance wound in the soft palate.

OIC p. 57:

'Dr. Lee stated that '[b]loodstains were found on both sides of the lenses' of Mr. Foster's eyeglasses. These bloodstains 'were less than or equal to 1 mm in size.'

This finding conflicts with the FBI lab's May 9, 1994 Lab Report, reporting that the results of its serological analysis on the glasses was, 'no blood.'

'No blood was identified on Q3 [eyeglasses].'

Regarding the gun, we find the same anomaly. "

End of excerpt.

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