Vincent Foster's home,
Georgetown, Washington DC

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Cambridge Place N.W. is a one block long street in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington. Mr. Foster's home is on the right side in the middle of the block   Senator Richard Shelby, Mr. Foster's neighbor, served on the 1994 and 1995 Banking Committee Hearings. Those Senate probes did not include any determination as to how or where Mr. Foster died.

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The Foster home
3027 Cambridge Place N.W.
July 20, 1993

Excerpt, pages 52-53 of Failure of the Public Trust,

That evening, Web Hubbell was beeped while having dinner at the Lebanese Taverna restaurant in Washington with his wife, his children, White House intern Janet Schaufele, and Marsha Scott. Hubbell, his wife, and Marsha Scott proceeded to the Anthony's nearby home to notify Mr. Foster's two sisters, brother-in-law and niece of the death.[84]  Officially, Sheila, Sharon, and Web then went to the Foster residence.  Reportedly they arrived at the same time as Park Police investigators Cheryl Braun and John Rolla had, to notify the family. The whereabouts of Sheila's husband Beryl and the Foster sons that evening is unclear.   The two Police Investigators spent 70 minutes in the Foster home where a dozen or so close friends and relatives gathered.  According to Webster Hubbell, "everyone at the Foster residence that evening was trying to make logic out of the death, trying to pinpoint some event, but that they could not do so..."[85] Investigator Rolla testified about his interview of some of those there that night.

Q. Did anyone at the notification mention depression or anti-depressant medication that Foster might have been taking?

A. I mentioned depression, did you see this coming, were there any signs, has he been taking any medication?  No.  All negative answers.[86]

[84] Exhibit 37, Report of FBI interview with Deputy Assistant to the President Marsha Scott, May 12, 1993: "Foster's other sister Sharon Bowman, was also visiting from Arkansas. Scott told the two sisters and the niece what had occurred. Scott was unable to say who was notified in what order among The White House staff."  See also Exhibit 44, White House Chronology Memo by Jane Sherburne, May 15, 1996: "Marsha [Scott] and Web [Hubbell] found Sheila Anthony at home with Vince Foster's other sister [Sharon Bowman] and her daughter, who was visiting from out of town."
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[85]Exhibit 1, Report of FBI interview with Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, April, 13 and 15, 1994: Hubbell said that everyone at the Foster residence that evening was trying to make logic out of the death, trying to pinpoint some event, but that they could not do so. *** Individuals present at the Foster residence on the night of Foster's death included the following: Bruce Lindsey; Bill Kennedy; Marsha Scott; David Watkins and his wife (Watkins was Operations for the White House); Mack McLarty and his wife Donna; Senator Pryor; Beryl Anthony; Foster's daughter, Laura; and then later the two boys were located, and on one of those nights [sic], President Clinton...

[Also present were at the Foster residence that night were David Gergen, Sheila Anthony, Sharon Bowman & daughter, Craig Livingstone (outside), Helen Dickey, Vernon Jordan, Walter Pincus and Mrs. Pincus.]
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[86] Exhibit 6, Deposition of Park Police investigator John Rolla, July 21, 1994.

Compare A. Devroy & M. Isikoff, Handling of Foster Case is Defended, Wash. Post, July 30, 1993: Police who arrived at Foster's house the night of the death were turned away after being told Lisa Foster and family members were too distraught to talk. Investigators were not allowed to interview her until yesterday. "That was a matter between her lawyers and the police," [David] Gergen said, and the White House "had no role in it."
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A portion of the U.S. park Police Report is shown below.   It states that police investigators were present at the Foster home for 70 minutes arriving at "2200 hours" and departing at "2310 hours."

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