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John Clarke filed Patrick Knowlton's civil rights lawsuit in October of 1996, one year after Knowlton was harassed by the FBI, the DOJ, and its surrogate, Kenneth Starr's Office of Independent Counsel ("OIC"). The Amended Complaint is here, and the transcript of oral argument on the government's motion to dismiss the case is here.


Clarke submitted applications to order the OIC to present evidence the FBI cover-up to the Whitewater grand jury, in federal district courts in Washington, DC, and in the Eastern District of Virginia. 


The same grand jury application was submitted to the US Court of Appeals Special Division for the Purpose of Appointing Independent Counsels.     


In 1997, that DC Circuit three-judge panel ("Special Division") ordered Mr. Starr to include in his Report on the Death 20 pages:

Court ordered appendix to Ken Starr's Report on Foster's Death

The appendix includes copies of twenty-five federal investigative records, proving six areas of cover-up:

(1)     There was a bullet hole in Mr. Foster's neck

(2)     Photographs of that bullet hole vanished

(3)     X-Rays of that bullet hole vanished

(4)     The gun was did not belong to Mr. Foster

(5)     Mr. Foster's car was not in the park

(6)     Patrick Knowlton suffered grand jury witness intimidation

The Special Division denied Starr's motion to reconsider


Two years later, in December of 1999, we filed another motion in the Special Division, asking that Starr substitute, and replace, the 20 pages earlier attached, for our 500-page Report on the matter.  That Report was later published as Failure of the Public Trust, after having been submitted in various federal District Courts, and the Supreme Court:

The gun photographed in Foster's hand was not his silver gun.

Ken Starr

Excerpts from

US Supreme Court Appendix

Volume 2 of 2, 163 pages

Corresponding exhibits of documents to footnotes are available here.