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Official goverment records filed as as exhibits in the Supreme Court.

Some Vince Foster FBI documents available from the FBI.

Associate Independent counsel Miguel Rodriguez

Forbes Magazine senior editor James Norman

The papers of Judge John Butzner from the University of Virginia Law Library.

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Documents Reveal Judges' Deliberations

The Death of American Virtue (Clinton vs Starr)

Taped Exchange Exposes Dan Burton

A Witness Harassed, Americans Fooled: the Foster Case

Vince Foster, Richard Cory, Abe Lincoln

Dissenting Memo Surfaces from Starr Team

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Sheila Anthony defends her changed Foster story

The Press and the death of Vincent Foster

US Congressional hearings did not investigate the circumstances of Vincent Foster's death. The scope was limited to inquiry of "improper conduct" during the course of "the Park Service Police investigation into the death."

NSA response to FOIA request for Vince Foster documents.

Judge Ken Starr and the universities tainted by the Foster murder cover-up

Justice Scalia and Vince Foster's murder

Additonal Documents and Articles

Hillary and Trump should agree on this.

False stories planted by FBI in the press to cover-up murder.

The Washington Post, Vince Foster's sister and Donald Trump

Gwen Ifill the NY Times & the murder of Vincent Foster

BBC News covered-up Vince Foster's murder to attack Trump

Former associate Independent Counsel Alex Azar heads Health Human Services.

Hillary Clinton & Vince Foster

The best book to read on Vince Foster available at Amazon.