Vince Foster           Murder             Cover-up

Report on the Death of VIncent Foster

The Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr., by the Office of Independent Counsel In re: Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association (Volume One, Volume 2)

The 137-page Report is available online at Michigan and Purdue University and from the United States Government Printing office as document number 028-004-00095-8 for $14.

The judges that appointed the independent counsel were concerned with "be[ing] charged as conspirators in the cover-up," in the words of Judge John Butzner.

Judge Fay wrote to judges Sentelle and Butzner, "[Knowlton] contradicts specific factual matters and takes issue with the very basics of the report filed by [Kenneth Starr]."

The three-judge panel ordered evidence of the cover-up be included in the final report.

Kenneth Starr filed a 9-page motion asking the judges to reconsider their order to inclulde evidence of criminal activity by his own staff.  The same day Starr filed a second motion asking the judges not to include the evidence of the cover-up.   Starr's motion to reconsider was denied.

The final 20 pages of Starr's report includes evidence of grand jury witness intimidation and murder.

Correspondence between Judges John D. Butzner, Peter T. Fay and David B.Sentelle is found in the papers of Judge Butzner at the Univeristy of Virginia Law Library.

The American media has completely suppressed the true length and contents of Starr's report and misinformed the American people that Vincent Foster killed himself.

Christopher Ruddy, the leading "critic" of the Clintons and the official investigations also misinformed the public.

Quotes from Starr's Report

"[I]t is manifest that the Report [Starr's Office of  

Independent Counsel] omits the information...  

which refutes the FBI's repeated official  

conclusion of suicide in the park."

"The [Office of Independent Counsel's] use of  

the FBI in this matter undermines both purposes

of the [Ethics in Government Act]."

"[T]he FBI concealed the true facts surrounding  

Mr. Foster's death...  [T]he FBI obstructed justice

in this matter."

"[T]hroughout the 16 day U.S. park Police

invesigation into the case, FBI participation was


"The FBI concealed that Mr. Foster's car was not

in the Fort Marcy lot by the time he was dead...

Mr. Foster could not have driven to the park in

his Honda."

"[Witness tampering was] to intimidate and warn  

Patrick in connection with his grand jury


"The FBI knew that Mrs. Foster could identify  

only a silver gun, so FBI agents showed her a

silver gun, told her it was found in Mr. Foster's

hand, and falsely reported that she identified the

(black) gun found in Foster's hand..."

"The FBI concealed the gunshot wound in Mr.  

Foster's neck by...concealing the contents of the

Medical Examiner's Report...falsely reporting

that the 35 mm photographs were unclear...  

concealing Polaroid photographs vanished...  

concealing x-rays vanished..."  

"[Paramedic] Arthur believed he saw a bullet

wound in the right side of Foster's neck..."

Judge Sentelle included evidence to the Report on Vincent Foster

Judge David Sentelle with judges Fay and Butzner ordered evidence of the cover-up submittted by Patrick Knowlton to be included as part of the final Report on Foster's death, over the objections of Kenneth Starr.

Ken Starr investigated death of Vince Foster
Patrick Knowlton a key witness on VInce Foster murder

Kenneth Starr

Judge David Sentelle

Patrick Knowlton

The Report on the death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.

Judge John D. Butzner

Judge Peter T. Fay

"[Knowlton] contradicts specific factual matters and takes issue with the very basics of the report filed by [Kenneth Starr]."

"I suspect that if we deny [Knowlton's] motion we will be charged as conspirators in the cover-up."

By order of the U.S. Court of Appeals,

Ken Starr's Report includes evidence

that Vincent Foster was murdered